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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Normal, Davide Trame

Greetings, Toucan fans! We promise we haven't turned into the poem of every two weeks. But life hasn't been normal...when it is ever, though. The Normal, however, makes for a beautiful poem by a contributor notable for his beautiful language.

The Normal
by Davide Trame

It can happen that you hope
to be swept away
in a splendid wind blow.

But you keep being here instead,
very visible and stable.
The normal is strong,

a cleaner inner sky you would need
and another breathing space
and absolutely no fear

to really disappear.
Leaving no trace, or a tiny dot only,
or a firefly at your side for one night.

The great illusion to fade away when I like…
I have cultivated it watering my land
with a deciduous faith.

So, the normal. In which you sense
the inescapable persistence
of your own countenance.

We’ll see each other at work again then,
in the corridor, on the stairs,
in the terrible normality of here and there.

Wishing for the wind
while its swarm doesn’t come,
and silence digs in.

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