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Monday, May 2, 2011

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum and a spring Toucan....

Well, we hope everything can be explained away by the fact that May 1st is Laura's 21st birthday. Gaah. So, there might be a few formattting issues and typos, we'll fix that once the rum is gone and forgotten, which hopefully will be're only 21 once, you go read this while we sober up...or stare at Wyl Villacres's cover, it's entertaining.

Happy Spring Issue!

Chicken Fingers Parmagina, Sam D. Church II
Margot and the Dream, Chelsey Baggot
Napalm Has Its Uses, Robert Cormack
Breaking Eggs Has Nothing To Do With Making Omelets
The Story of Sophie and Sam, Arthur Levine
Hatchlings on The Road To Nowhere, Jacob Edwards
The Villainy of Hamlet, Part 1 of 2, Ian Singleton
Lust, Chris Crittenden
Art by Jim Fuess
Two Short Poems, Tannen Dell
Snip Snip Snip, John J. Trause
Untitled, Beth Rolingson
Art by Tom Besson
Toys, George Bishop
She Loves Harpo, G. David Schwartz
14 Ways of Looking At The Diagnosis, Gail Entrekin
Lines on a Page, B.D Fischer
No Answer, Michael Perkins
gardening, JANEisnotplain

Editrice Note: mumble mumble (hic)

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