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Friday, October 7, 2011

Poem of the Week, Anarchy of Love, Guy Traiber

Our sincerest apologies to Guy Traiber. This should have been up months ago.

Anarchy of Love

by Guy Traiber

What is god if not a ball of fire
shooting across the ocean
exploding into billions of tiny purple pieces?

What is god if not Allen Ginsberg singing (singing???)
Vajra Mantra; the harmonium never stops
its opening          and closing?

What is god if not the cry of a child
ice cream melting over his face
and over the burning hot concrete?

Economy plays a bigger and bigger role
in politics. Politics plays with men. With women.
Being a non affective number in this equation
we substitute interaction with knowing
which in turn we substitute
with TV programs, books or wikipedia.

Shake a hand – you meet and learn
Throw a stone – you hurt and feel
Love           and you might dip in the sea of knowledge.

Evil is a shadow hiding in your drawer
the one you have never opened, the one your elders
bequeathed you             ages ago.

They say there is one god, one truth to every human being – anarchy of love; killing more souls than god can handle. So, he cuts them halves, to save his time, sending back pieces, who cannot handle pride with humbleness, greed with a hug. This division will continue until each soul becomes a fragment of a purple fire ball.

Four hundred and twenty seven
thousands years to go
or are already finished. The answer is irrelevant
to god who is all the Yugs
and none.

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