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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Issue 13 Table of Contents

We did it. We have produced an issue, despite our lack of time and better judgment. We probably always say this, but you better appreciate this one!

However, we have to admit, the print issue is still in production. So, while we have this up to prove to the world that we have work and it is here and we do not feed our submissions to a mutant Toucan and only pretend to have a literary magazine, our actual physical issue may require some time (hopefully not too long). We'll let you know when it's together and printed--we have all the parts, but we just have to get the right screwdriver. And not that kind of screwdriver...because that would be bad for the copyediting. (As you probably now, our copyediting can be pretty damn suspect anyway, and this was before Liz turned 21.)

Thanks to Mike Scelfo for producing us a wonderfully rich cover on short notice. Thanks to Kim Osment, who you'll meet soon enough, for pretending to be a Russian mail order bride, and to all the various cats who distract the Toucan with their utter adorable cuteness. And thanks to you for reading and putting up with us. We really don't know why you do it...or come to think of it, why we do it either. Oh right, to warn you all about killer escalators. Right. Yeah.

Out The Door, Mike Perkins
Four Strangers Near the Weathered Statue in a Downtown Park, J.J Steinfeld
Self-Help, Chris Bridges
The Marriott, Jacob Edwards
Alimony Payment, Gary Sprague
Guys Like You and Me, B.D Fischer
The Requirements For Performing A Head Spin, Calvin Fantone
Rabies and Rosaries, Gabrielle DeMarre
Inhumane, Ashley Cline
Domestic Nomadism, Ashley Cline
Microbiology 101, Laavayna S.
Neon, MaryAnne Kolton
YouTube Recommended, Don Kingfisher Campbell
Scenes From a Diner, Alec Cizak
Breakfast With Meursault, Cody Deitz
Natural History, Ashley Fisher
On January 14th, 2010, Tyler Bigney

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