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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Toucan Has Travel Plans, but No Hawaiian Shirt...

The Toucan is flying around without stopping for refueling for the next two weeks, moreso than usual. It's what you might call our all-Chicago publicity tour. Let's give your our itinerary, and this will also serve as our all-purpose excuse for why your submission is just chillin' in our inbox...that is, more so than usual.

February 29th through March 3rd we gate-crash AWP and hold up the Hilton with bananas. Just kidding! We'd never do that, Hilton security! Anyway, Editrice Liz is helping out Columbia College Chicago's Fiction Writing Department, so stop by their table at the Bookfair, and pick up a copy of the other magazine she's editing, the award-winning Hair Trigger. Buy her a drink, and maybe she'll look at your poem. Buy her a bottle, and you can have the next issue of The Toucan all to yourself.

Then, after collapsing for approximately 34.2 hours, Editrice Liz will be reading March 6th at Hungry Brain, from 9 pm to midnight, in a pre-ZineFest celebration done by the fantastic Two Cookie Minimum folks. Come by and grab some...well, not cookies, since we think Hungry Brain's a bar. Speaking of which,"What's this Zinefest?" you say, all confused. "A fest devoted entirely to zinfandels? By George, let me grab my corkscrew and I'll..."

Um, no. There's an extra e, and honestly, if you're any friends of ours, you should have heard of Chicago Zine Fest by now. This will be our third year here at the fest, and we're starting to make our mark, which of course appears as a giant beak-print on all the windows that is very hard to remove, even with Windex.

On March 9th, Editrice Liz will be reading at the reading associated with the Women and Self-Publishing panel, generously hosted by Columbia's SilverTongue reading series. Silvertongue, who apparently is Editrice Liz's new pimp, is also publishing a zine called 1000 words, which has 1000-word essays paired with a photo, to play off the old saying. You can find Editrice Liz in there, along with an embarrasing photo which she has decided to release to you all so she isn't blackmailed.

You can pick up a copy of that at the Zine Expo on March 10th, and also stop by and say hi to yet another publication our proud Editrice is associated with, I Feel Pretty. Liz has been in their first two issues, and The Toucan likes to cuddle with I Feel Pretty on nights where the editrices are out carousing.

But let us not forget about our venerable bird. Of course The Toucan will be there! Along with Editrice Laura, who has been horribly ignored up until this point, but will also be hawking knit mustaches. And there may be a few other folks hanging around, including our friends the Dans and Greg and perhaps even a Kat. And special surprises, not the least of which would be if we actually manage to print Issues #13 and #14 by then...

So you have the plan. We welcome stalkers and fangirls and boys. And lots and lots and lots of coffee, because we sure will need it after this.

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