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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hawk, Kenneth P. Gurney

I thought the war was open to anyone.
It was a closed affair.
I was not very good at war
and wanted to practice,
but the membership fees
were more than I could afford.
I went home and practiced
pouting for a little while
then kicked a ball
around the yard
pretending it was the enemy
and we were at war.
I broke a window.
A cloud rushed inside my house
and stole all my war discussions
that I posted by the fireplace
then the cloud escaped up the flue
and back into the sky: 
blackened, thunderous.
When I lit the fire that night
to heat up a topic
there was no war left to talk about
so I thought maybe I could forge
a new war against industrial polluters
and enlist the environmentalists.
I knew no environmentalists
except for Ellie,
who was an armchair environmentalist,
but her conversation centered around birds 
and their bright plumage
and intricate mating displays. 
So I retreated to the kitchen
and prepared hot coco
for the two of us.

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